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President Obama trade speech in Tampa

President Obama trade speech in Tampa

Listening to President Obama’s speech yesterday afternoon, I was happy and encouraged that someone is paying attention to creating jobs here. Of all the talk about how important it is too cut taxes for the rich (and I have nothing against being rich, I like the concept myself), I haven’t heard where it did any trickle down to the American worker for the past ten years. No one, Democrat or Republican, explained to me that while those privileged few were getting the tax breaks, the jobs were not forthcoming. As a matter of fact, the job outlook sank while the economy tanked.

It seems even more jobs left our shores and went to their respective paradises overseas. So I ask you, since the Democrats seem to be so tight lipped about it…exactly how did the tax cuts for the “rich” translate into more jobs here in the United States? We seem to have gotten a recession as those that got the tax breaks took their factories overseas and now want and expect us to buy their merchandise, which at times seem to be substandard, like the lead and Cadmium found in many  toys for our children or the BPA in baby bottles. Problems abound when not only labor is cheap but also the quality is lacking.

Which brings me to a great idea that has been going around for awhile. Why not give those tax breaks to those people and entities (sorry Romney, but to me and working class citizens of this great country, corporations are NOT people, even though they can sway an election with money) who keep, maintain and/or produce jobs here? Let’s also tax accordingly and appropriately those companies that take jobs OUT of this country and reward those who keep jobs IN this country! It’s worth a shot and the companies that keep jobs here will have the motivation to do so. Steve Jobs, God rest his soul, seemed to have had a certain degree of contempt for the working man and woman here in America and was rewarded by this country when he moved production to China, where the working conditions were so bad they led many to suicide. Other horror stories, but that’s for another blog.

Under a different motivation, he may have been encouraged to keep jobs with living wages here.

In the meantime, we should all take a little effort to make sure that we are buying American products as well. We all realize that we cannot nor need to be exclusive as it is nearly impossible to buy exclusively American products. But with just a small effort on our part, we can definitely start to turn the tide in favor of American companies buy the strength of our spending dollar, and that starts with being attentive to where our choice of clothing and other items are made. This will be discussed in other articles, but for now just keep this as food for thought. It can help America build the economy bit by bit, so if you want, do your share. It’s easy, fun and beneficial to us all!

Anyway, the video presented here is the speech in Tampa by our President. It is worth listening to.


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